eesha + patrick

Giggly Dual-Location Engagement Session

They confirmed our suspicions a few moments later, so we knew we had our work cut out for us. That’s why we were thrilled when Eesha and Patrick seemed to get comfortable with us so quickly! They kept throwing out ideas, and giving us a little more insight into them as a fun, goofy, and genuine couple. And that let us run with their ideas and have some fun!

As they walked up to us on the Downtown Mall, we could tell that Eesha and Patrick were a little nervous.

Whether on the Downtown Mall or later at King Family Vineyards, they would playfully ask, “what if I hopped on Patrick’s back?” or “could we maybe find bikes or a scooter?” They worked who they are into each image — and we loved it! At one point, Eesha even jumped up on an elevated flower bed so, for once, Patrick would be the standing on his tiptoes in order to catch a smooch. It was all completely adorable! And when they were up for some shots inside King Family Vineyards tasting room, we knew right then that we’re in for a VERY fun wedding next fall.

Eesha and Patrick,

We had such a good time with you guys! We hope the rest of your weekend in Charlottesville was awesome, and we absolutely cannot wait to see you two again in September! We’ll be ready to photograph one heck of a party!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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