Bailey + Charlie

Fall Foliage Engagement Session at the Market at Grelen

We could see vibrant fall foliage all around us… but not quite near us. And the one set of vibrant trees, bursting with fall foliage that were right near us were tragically blocked by a few pieces of construction equipment (what’s more romantic for an engagement session, right?!). So when Bailey and Charlie went to change into outfit number two, we split up and searched around the Market at Grelen’s Bloomfield location for a new angle that would be better. And we found it!! Tucked away were a set of trees in full-bloom, boasting a color that perfectly matched Bailey’s second outfit!

Having known Charlie since they were in middle school, I know how special it was for Hunter to capture the engagement session of one of his closest and oldest friends.

Seeing such a good friend find the woman of his dreams is something we all wish for. And Bailey is a perfect match for Charlie. Competitive, adventurous, smart, and incredibly funny! We’ve loved watching them challenge each other and love each other and grow together over these last few years.

Bailey + Charlie,

We love you guys. We can see how much you guys love each other, and capturing your engagement session gave us an even deeper look into the love you two share for each other. We cannot wait to see the marriage you guys will build together, and are so excited to celebrate with you two again so soon! And we KNOW that we’re going to be seeing you two more often now that you live less than an hour away! Cheers to the rest of your (brief) season of engagement!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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