Fun-filled Engagement Session in Shenandoah

Having flown in from Texas for the holiday weekend, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night for their engagement session! Bsides the views and the great weather, what really blew us away were Sam and Danny’s outfits! They got out of the car in one outfit, and immediately changed into another for their first outfit. Even their travel clothes would have been great for the session, if that tells you anything about their fashion sense.

As soon as Sam and Danny stepped out of their car, they began raving over the incredible view! “It just sneaks up on you!” And we can confirm that this hidden gem is perfect… and exactly what they were looking for!

Wedding planning from halfway across the country certainly has it’s challenges, so it was great hearing about all the progress they (with BIG help from Sam’s mom 😂) have been making! With their wedding now less than a year away, and a big move in the works for them this summer, we know they’re feeling pretty good about having most of the essentials knocked out early!

Sam + Danny,

We are so glad we had two dates ready for you guys while you were in town! We absolutely loved getting to know you more, and would have been heartbroken if Saturday’s “rain” had kept us from meeting you two in person. We cannot wait for your wedding, and are here anytime you need us between now and next spring!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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