Gina + Phil

Waterford, Virginia

Spring Wedding & Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

They planned an abbreviated Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in the middle of their wedding day to honor Phil’s heritage. Gina even ordered a Vietnamese dress that would highlight Phil and his family’s roots — and the patterns on the dress even reflected Phil’s tattoos! Not to forget the “smaller details” like that fact that Gina learned an entire breakdance routine with one of Phil’s groomsmen in order to surprise her new husband!

When Gina and Phil talked about all they hoped to do for their wedding, we could see their heart in it all. 

Gina and Phil are SO intentional in all that they do. If there is a way for them to make someone else feel more comfortable or loved, they will do it. And their wedding was no exception! From talking to as many people as they could, to dancing with everyone within arm’s reach — Gina and Phil were a joy. And the way Phil carried the train of Gina’s dress(es) around as they walked from place to place was a great sign of the love and respect they have for each other!

Gina + Phil,

It was such an honor to capture your wedding day! We loved sharing so many moments with you two and getting to know you both better, both during your engagement session this past fall and on your wedding day this past weekend! We hope that your wedding celebration was a perfect start to the intentional and loving marriage that we know is in your future.

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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