Kelly + Liam

Fluffy Virginia Beach Engagement Session

Whether smiling directly at the camera when we called her name, or wading into the water after her toy, Marist was making the most out of her time in front of the camera! After not being able to make it to their engagement session in April, Kelly and Liam were thrilled to get this good girl in some photos!

Usually sessions with young puppies can be a little unpredictable. Thankfully, Kelly and Liam told us that their pup, Marist, was the very top of her doggy obedience class!

It was so great to have Kelly and Liam in front of our cameras again! And in an entirely new setting this time! From the Shenandoah Mountains to the beachfront, Kelly and Liam were absolute naturals in front of our cameras. Up for anything once again, they had no problem sitting in the sand, or getting a little salty in the water! Of course… when Kelly wasn’t giving Marist a few extra snuggles.

Kelly + Liam,

You guys are so much fun to spend time with! We loved getting to see you two again, as well as meet the other member of your family that we heard so much about! We can’t wait to see you — one last time — for your wedding day next Fall!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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