Keswick, Virginia

Rainy Day Spring Wedding at Castle Hill Cider

But as we walked back into the barn, no one had any idea about what was about to happen. You see, the Commonwealth of Virginia is pretty particular about who can officiate a wedding ceremony. But since a close friend was set to officiate their formal ceremony in front of all their friends and family, Jill & Andrew hired a local sheriff to come and make their marriage legal. All anyone expected was a quick 5 minute ceremony, and maybe singing a few papers.

We had just finished up family photos, and had about an hour until Jill and Andrew's Castle Hill Wedding was set to begin.

But as Sheriff Marshall started talking, time seemed to stop. This was it. Jill & Andrew were about to get married! With just their parents and siblings around them, less than an hour before their guests would begin arriving, Jill & Andrew had a private wedding ceremony. And as we looked at Jill and Andrew and their families through our lenses, we could see tears! Tears of joy, celebration, and contentment.

No one expected this part of the day to be the part that made them cry! But this moment was perfect. And once it was over, the joy was palpable. Everyone exchanged hugs and tears. But the day wasn’t over — in fact, it had barely begun! They had another ceremony to get to! Not to mention the killer party that awaited them that evening. And as the night carried on — from tearful speeches to the tiniest piece of cake ever cut (😂) — the joy and celebration only grew.

Jill and Andrew,

We loved every minute of the time we spent with you two during your Castle Hill Wedding last month! It was such an honor to capture your wedding, and we hope that these moments will forever bless you two and your marriage.

With love,
Hunter & Sarah



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