Jamie + Henry

Snowy, January Engagement Session on Uva's Lawn

That’s when we had a bold idea. Why not try to shoot Jamie and Henry’s engagement session … in the snow? It would be cold. We’d all be bundled up. And we definitely weren’t going to last 90 minutes. But it could also be SO epic! We brought up the idea, and they were immediately on board! We would all rally in our Jeeps and brave the winter weather!

After getting rained out once, we were so frustrated to see snow in the forecast. Why does this keep happening to Jamie and Henry!?

We are SO glad that these two were up for the adventure! Despite the cold, we had so much fun quickly moving around the Lawn and yelling our instructions to them through what felt like a blizzard. We ended up ducking in and out of the colonnades every few minutes to brush off the quickly-accumulating snow. We’d talk them through our next pose under cover, then venture out to brave the frost again! Not only were Jamie and Henry up for the snowy shoot, they were game for ending their session with a small snowball fight too!

Jamie + Henry,

We had so much fun in the snow with you two! We’ve never captured a session during an active snowstorm before, and you guys were the perfect couple to try this out with! We hope that you warmed up quickly and enjoyed the rest of your snow day! We can’t wait to see you again this fall in (fingers crossed 🤞) much warmer conditions!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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