Bri + Quinn

Joyful Surprise Proposal at Swannanoa Palace

Not only had he managed to plan travel from Virginia from Michigan with little suspicion, but he had also arranged for Bri’s sisters to get her up the mountain! Swannanoa is a pretty remote location, and isn’t an easy place to get someone to without raising at least a little suspicion. But Bri’s sisters figured out the most perfect excuse. As Quinn put it to us, it was just too strange to not be real: her company was hosting a private high-tea event at the 109-year old palace!

When Quinn told us his plan to get Bri to the remote Swannanoa Palace for his surprise proposal, we were seriously impressed. 

Unsuspecting Bri pulled up to the palace with her sisters. But instead of finding a tea party waiting for her inside, she found Quinn walking down the front steps to meet her! We could hear her shouting, “Wait! What?! Are you serious?!”, while her sisters laughed and drove away. Quinn took her hand in his, and walked her to the spot he and Hunter had picked out. Then, he asked Bri to marry him! Despite the cold and being totally overwhelmed by the sheer surprise of it all, Bri and Quinn absolutely crushed their engagement mini-session afterwards! There’s honestly nothing quite like the pure shock and emotion after getting engaged!

Bri + Quinn,

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this first stage in your wedding journey! We absolutely loved getting to know you both a little better this weekend, and we hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful, lifelong marriage for you both!

With love,
Sarah + Hunter


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